Creating the Ultimate Powder Coating Finish

Powder coating of industrial, commercial and automotive parts—and anything in-between.

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Our Process

Powder coating is a finishing process that uses dry powder to fuse to the surface of metal using heat in a large oven. Using this process provides a long-lasting and durable coat to your product, unlike conventional paint. 

Many industries use powder coating for their products. The powder comes in almost unlimited color options and achieves a better protection against corrosion, chipping and fading.  It is one of the most economical and durable finishes as well. Furthermore, it is non-toxic and much cleaner than wet paint finishes.

We order most of our powder from Tiger Drylac, Prismatic and some from Sherwin Williams or other vendors as needed. We’ll often get specific requests from customers and can order or custom order pretty much anything.

We handle all the prep work and can have your project completed in a timely manner. However, if the customer needs it sooner, we can accommodate. The quality of your project is of utmost importance to us. Our team has many years of experience and knowledge in the powder coating world. If it is metal, we can powder coat it.

About Us

Jake and Katie Dietz are the proud owners of Statewide Powder Coating. Purchased in December 2022, the company started in 2004 and has always prided itself on excellent quality. We serve Northeast Wisconsin and look forward to expanding our services throughout the entire state. Our promise to you will always be a high-quality product delivered in a timely manner. We’re excited to work with you in the future!

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The price of your powder coating project will depend on a few different variables. Therefore, getting an estimate is the best way for us to understand the scope of your project.

The more we know the more precise your estimate will be, so please include dimensions and photos if possible. 

You are welcome to request an estimate below or by emailing We’re excited about the opportunity to work with you!

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