• SCPC assumes no responsibility or has no control over cuts, nicks, scratches, or any other abusive wear and tear during any consumer’s usage once parts have been powder coated.
  • No warranty over old chrome that has begun to corrode, peel, flake, etc.
  • SCPC is not responsible for poorly casted parts that may have surface imperfections.
  • SCPC is not responsible for burnt powder coating if temperature(s) exceed the maximum powder coating temperature limit(s) once part(s) have been installed or used. (1000 degrees for high temp powders and 300 degrees for all other powders.)
  • Media blasting and chemical pretreatment has been performed on your part(s). It’s the consumers responsibility to thoroughly clean all parts before reassembling. It is recommended that all parts are tapped and all holes and threads are cleaned before reassembly. SCPC is not responsible for any part failure due to improper cleaning before assembly.

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