About Us

SCPC is a custom shop which ensures each customer receives high quality coating and preparations. All though we have a fast turnaround of 7-14 days (some jobs less, some jobs more) patience is always appreciated. Custom work and metal restoration requires a certain skill, technique, products, time and materials. We transform each piece of metal to bare metal state, which our prices reflect. Price quotes are only a guideline and price can change accordingly. Remember: Glossy is not always better. We highly recommend that you chose a finish that will flatter your parts condition. SCPC can help recommend a coating to fit your need.

A Little About Us

  • Be sure to group pieces together if you are planning a single color. This will help avoid additional set-up charges for extra parts.
  • Minimum shop charge is billed at a rate of $85 per hour.
  • Parts must be clean and free of all oils, any degreasing done by SCPC will be charged at $85 per hour.
  • Parts must be totally disassembled. SCPC will not remove parts. (i.e. seals, bushings, gaskets, bearings, etc) Any disassembly required by SCPC will be billed at a rate of $85 per hour. SCPC will not reassemble any parts. All parts will be returned with coated pieces.
  • Parts can not contain any bondo or body filler as this will ruin the coating. Some minor imperfections may be filled by our process. Call for more details on body fillers that can be used. Please click on the following link for more information on an approved filler for the powder coating process. Approved Filler is TIGER Epo-Strong Series 93/70080 – Epoxy Repair Kit
  • Powder can be applied over all your old chrome parts if media blasted. SCPC does not guarantee coatings over old and distressed chrome.
  • Prices quoted are for “in stock” colors. Custom colors are available at an additional cost. Cost may vary due to color and quantity of powder ordered.
  • Additional charges will apply to any “Rush” job and for parts that remain in storage longer then 7 business days after powder coating has been completed and contact has been made for pick-up. Any item(s) left for more than 30 days will become the property of SCPC.


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